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discussion, logic, student ministry and evangelism

Last night I went to Skinner's Pub with a few friends.

We talked about politics and religion - oh, and the thread count of our sheets. We had some great conversation.

One of my friends (he considers himself an unbeliever) said that one of the reasons he has a lot of trouble with Christianity is the lack of logic. He said that he finds it nearly impossible to follow many Christian's theology in a logical manner.

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paul turner
You are going to get punched, so let it be for trying, failing, and learning rat

You are going to get punched, so let it be for trying, failing, and learning rather than for flinching.

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Matt Erickson

God doesn’t want his children holding grudges. Yet it is so easy to hold a grudge. Wrongs done, even among those or between those in the Body of Christ, easily submerge to become awful, dividing barriers.

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paul turner
student ministry iphone apps

Just thought I’d share a few of my apps that get me by when I am in a pinch. Am I missing an important app that would be beneficial for youth workers? Let me know.

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Called to Youth Ministry

Whew! You made it. The school year is winding down. You've spent the last several months pouring your heart and soul into ministering to a group of teenagers. There were long nights. Hard conversations. And if you were crazy enough there was even a overnight lock-in.

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Ken Raney
Bend, stoop, reach to be sure everything that should be secret stays that way!

If you feel uncomfortable in any of these positions in the dressing room, pass on the outfit. You can be sure you'll be tugging at it all day in the real world.

Okay, so you thought you had a killer outfit when you tried it on in the dressing room. Then you got to school and had the most awkward day ever! Here's a test to make sure you can keep the 3 B's (boobs, butt, belly) in check BEFORE you fork over the cash.

Free TEXTING Resource for Youth Ministry

If you're like me, you are always on the lookout for some cool new gadget you can use in your youth ministry that will open the lines of communication between you, your staff, the youth group, and maybe even parents. We found a really cool, and really free texting resource...

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Matt Erickson
student ministry humility

Not too long ago, I was speaking on the topic of humility. That is a challenging message for me to give because I so often find pride more evident in my life than humility.

As I prepared for the message, I found that God was giving me all sorts of opportunities to be humbled in front of Him and others. My wife, Kelly, half-humorously expressed that she would love for me to do an entire year of speaking on humility, since she was enjoying the difference in my attitude.

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paul turner
conflict in youth ministry leadership

Keeping with our theme of not shooting ourselves in the foot through self inflicted conflict., I share 5 ways to avoid conflict with your Pastor.

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Nate Dame
youth ministry resources, games, ideas and articles

I’ve been spending time lately meeting with a youth pastor that works not to far from where I live. We’ve been talking about purpose and aligning all the “stuff” of youth ministry around a guiding purpose.

Last week she told me about a youth group activity she came up with to help reinforce the lesson from their Bible study. It was a simple idea, but I thought it was the best activity ever!

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