About Called to Youth Ministry

two youth pastors

We provide one-on-one coaching, training and resources to help youth pastors effectively disciple their teens in a life-long pursuit of Christ.

The need to reach this generation is great. George Barna found that 77% of those that make a decision to follow Christ do so before they reach the age of 21. If we are going to reach them, we must reach them now!

There are thousands of youth pastors across the country that have responded to the call. For little or no  pay or recognition, they make sacrifices every week, doing everything they can to disciple young people.

Unfortunately, most of these youth pastors have little training or support, and many struggle with the stress and burnout of ministry. That's where Called to Youth Ministry comes in.

Some predict that if current trends continue, only 4% of Generation Y will be followers of Christ when they reach adulthood. Denominations report that up to 88% of their graduates leave the church just a few years after high school.

Called to Youth Ministry partners with youth pastors to turn the tide, helping committed leaders across the country disciple teens to be deeply rooted followers of Christ!

Unique Approach

There are a number of great organizations that exist to equip and support youth pastors, and we are proud to partner with many of them.

At Called to Youth Ministry, we strive to offer unique training and networking opportunities that youth pastors need but often can't find other places.

It is easy to get youth ministry resources. Whether it's a book full of ministry principles and tips, or a website stuffed with game ideas, resources are plentiful. But resources alone don't give youth pastors what they truly need to be effective. They want help applying the principles they learn, and they are looking for for someone that will stand with them and help show them the way.

Youth pastors are hungry for one-on-one support, training, coaching and discipleship.

Most youth pastors feel like they are fighting for youth all alone. Their church, and especially teens' parents, tend to pile a seemingly endless supply of expectations on them, and nobody to understand the unique stress that they experience.

Called to Youth Ministry focuses on giving  youth pastors that one-on-one support. We spend time taking youth pastors out to lunch or for coffee, helping them push through hard times and prayerfully exploring how to grow their ministry. We build support networks for youth pastors so that even when the training is done, they are a part of group of like-minded individuals that will stand together and continue to pray together for each other and for their students.

If you are interested in getting involved, consider Called to Youth Ministry's online training course, Creating a Movement of Student Discipleship. You can also make a donation. Or contact us--we'd love to hear from you!