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The Gillette Games

What do you get when you mix teenagers, a giant tarp, and 100 cans of shaving cream? A crazy, fun filled night of memories for teens.

Gillette Games was an annual event at a church where I took a youth ministry position. It may have been a sacred cow but after experiencing it, it was a sacred cow that I wasn’t going to kill. Back then, GG was something that we did just for fun and to let loose. At my current church, we use the Gillette Games to do multiple things. It’s a chance to connect with students who haven’t been in awhile. It’s a chance to connect with our students' friends. It’s also a chance to make memories and have some fun in the process.


Creating an AWESOME Youth Group Event: Black Light Neon Night

Need a GREAT event for your youth group? Why not try having a BLACK LIGHT NEON NIGHT event!  Create a night filled with fun games, memories, and stories to be told over the years! Fnd out how you can plan an event just like this for your kids! 

Ultimate Hunger Games Youth Group Game (w/ cornucopia video)

We capped off our Hunger Games seires with a lock in. And what's better than a lock in? A lock in where you get to PLAY in the first-ever real-life youth group Hunger Games!

The Hunger Games: Free Complete 4-Week Youth Group Series

The one and only Paul Turner has put together an incredible 4-week series that turns the Hunger Games into a discipleship and evangelism tool for your youth group! I ran across this late last night and was blown away, especially by the fact that Paul is giving this series away for free.

Letter to Yourself

You’re a student, you’re facing the pressures of school, home, friends and dating. Some of you are struggling, wrestling with parents fighting, divorce, temptation from friends, feelings of failure, self-image issues, and the list goes on. And the midst of all this you’re even stressing about where to go to college or what to do with you life. You’re not sure about your future and what it would look like in terms of success as the world sees it. Some days you don’t even want to think about what’s ahead.

Beyond the 1 Month Challenge

The A.O.G. has launched a project to encourage students to carry their Bible everywhere they go all the time for one month. And while this challenge can be done anytime of the year, they have launched it for the month of September to coincide with the beginning of the new school year and SYATP (See You At The Pole). Great idea!

Discovering the Character of God through Proverbs

Pose the group the question of what they think it means to be 'wise'. Let it generate discussion as we share our answers...


Best Youth Group Activity EVER

I’ve been spending time lately meeting with a youth pastor that works not to far from where I live. We’ve been talking about purpose and aligning all the “stuff” of youth ministry around a guiding purpose.

Last week she told me about a youth group activity she came up with to help reinforce the lesson from their Bible study. It was a simple idea, but I thought it was the best activity ever!

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