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Big Church

Tips for Speaking to Youth

Youth ministry is an ever revolving door of changes and differences. And within those changes there are always things that attempt to distract our teens from listening to the Word of God. It might be the girl across the room, the text from "mom", or the way that you're saying "um" all the time; no matter what it is, there is always something. One of our goals as ministers to youth ought to be to reduce those distractions as we preach from the ONLY book that is living and active, with the power to transform the lives of these teenagers. 

Why Moms Are So Important to the Church

I don’t think that Christians really grasp the immense value of moms to the church and to society at large. More than anyone else in our lifetime, during the first few weeks of our life, moms do for us what Jesus did for His disciples. Our lives are profoundly impacted by this Christ-like care that we receive. For most of us, these weeks or months or years were a special time in our lives when we experienced something very akin to the way Jesus made disciples. God designed disciple-making into every mother’s DNA.

In the Trenches: A Guide to Leading Volunteers by Kylan Booser

Wise leaders know it's never good to be in the trenches alone. This book will keep you company there. Every youth leader can use some help. Every youth leader who has a vision can definitely use some help. That’s what In the Trenches is all about. Helping you.

Furnace-Fueled Evangelism

I was giving advice on buying a piece of property the other day to a fellow Chi Alpha campus pastor. I used to sell real estate for a living and knew the answers to many questions she had.

It got me thinking about the last blog entry I wrote about effective techniques for “marketing” your church or ministry (something even I struggle with as I itinerate to raise money to get me to the mission field.)

Jesus Is My Superhero

I was thinking about superheroes the other day, probably because I just got done indulging my inner nerd.

Let’s make it a habit of helping others, of being the light on the hilltop that those in need of rescuing look to.

Being a hero is not something you do only when the cape and cowl is on.

Back to Basics

There seems to be a big push lately to decentralize the local church. The modern technology landscape opens the world to itself. There are a myriad of resources for leaders and open forums to discuss strategies and methods. 

We have opened up our local church to online sermon notes, and even forgoing a local teaching pastor altogether. Some churches offer a streamed message from a speaker who nobody in the congregation will ever meet.

I believe the person leading the group should teach the group, whether that be a small Bible study, young adult ministry, youth ministry or even big church.

Youth Pastors Aren’t Replacement Parents

Why are youth pastors blamed for every bad thing any young person ever does in church?

We might find that some of our time is best spent helping parents be better spiritual leaders in their own homes. 

BIG CHURCH is for Little People Too

It was a great Sunday.  We had to wake our kids up early because my wife was singing in the choir today. 

The kids were crabby, and I wasn’t much happier.  Never the less we got them to church and attended first service, because I had meetings during the other two.  My four year old and my eleven year old were in church with us.

How Do We Institute Change Within the Church?

How do we insitute change within the church?  How you go about it may alienate people more than you might think.

Here's my two cents.

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