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Nate Dame
David Dorn at Youth Pastor Church

How do you creatively present the Gospel in today's techno-crazy culture? Is YouTube an effective medium for communicating God's truth with students?

David Dorn says yes! After sharpening his YouTube experience as one of the very first YouTube Partners, David has kick-started several exciting video discipleship programs.

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Danielle Christy
Entering Your students' world

Building healthy relationships with your students is one of the most important aspects of youth ministry. When a student knows you care about them they are more willing not only to listen to what you’re saying but also to trust you...

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Aaron Stief
Mandatory Mentoring

Whether you’re a full-time, part-time, or insane volunteer youth leader, you’ve heard it before. We need to be connecting with students.... It seems so basic, so foundational, and so simple but this incredibly vital and powerful action often gets lost in the midst of schedules, programs, planning, meetings, personality types, and a hundred other things.  

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Build Relationships Exponentially

As the leader, you will die if you are the only one leading and building relationships... It is crucial to recruit quality leaders, and empower them to take on part of the load of the ministry, by building meaningful relationships with a few students.

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why relationships matter

As with anything in life, relationships matter. It’s not always about what you know, but who you know. That’s true for the corporate world, for the music industry and for lots of other places in life.

When I think of building relationships in student ministry, however, the reverse is often true; it may not be our need for us to know students, but it sure is a need for students to know us.

Let’s do an experiment: I want you to think of the single most influential person in your life when you were a teen. If you are thinking of more than one person, quickly narrow it down to one just for this exercise. Now, if you are like many youth workers I am privileged to lead on a regular basis, the one person you are probably thinking of from your teen years is an adult. Hal Hamilton taught me that "a student will gravitate toward the oldest person who will take them seriously." I have found that to be the case.

Jesus built relationships with people. He had a relationship with the masses and he was publicly known. He had a relationship with the crowds and many followed him, such as the seventy he sent out. He had a personal mentoring relationship with twelve and he had yet a deeper friendship with three. It’s through the life of Christ that we see that relationships with students are important. But why are they important? Here are five reasons: 

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Nate Dame
Youth Pastor Church with Jimn Kyles

The first Youth Pastor Church was a blast! Jimn Kyles shared some great thoughts on building high performance teams - watch the full recording below.

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Rick Hutton
Scheduling your spouse

“Let’s be honest, you’re going to sacrifice your family for the ministry anyway.” Said in an almost secretive tone, these words were spoken to me by a single friend and fellow youth pastor. I too was single but I remember feeling my anger rise as he said this to me. I thought that what he was saying was off base and most certainly did not reflect the way that God would call people to live their lives in any career, but especially in ministry.

Now as a married youth pastor I have to acknowledge that though I completely disagreed with my friend, I actually have sacrificed my family for the sake of the student ministry and most of the time I didn’t even realize that I was sacrificing them on the altar of “successful ministry.”  

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Called to Youth Ministry
happy or holy

*This is a post written by Tim Price of Harvest Ministry. As we continue to look at how to build up your marriage we really like what Tim has to say. so we decided to pass it on to you. You can read more of his stuff HERE*


I remember reading a book a long time ago and though I don’t remember the official title, this tagline has always stuck with me: What if marriage wasn’t meant to make you happy, but to make you holy? The concept runs across my mind each time I have the blessing of being corrected or shaped in life by my wife.

It is true, however, that the marriage relationship is one model of our relationship with God. The way we love and interact with our spouse is typically an indicator of where our souls are with our Father.

Because of this important aspect, our relationship with our spouse, above all other earthly relationships needs to be cultivated, cared for, nurtured and cherished. The marriage relationship is tied to our spiritual lives because we are called to love our spouses as Christ loved the church. It involves sacrifice. It also involves a decision. It also involves daily commitment.

To get deep for a moment – have you ever thought about that fact that your spouse is you? This mystical aspect to marriage in scripture is that “the two become one.” You literally are joined together, heart and soul. But, your spouse is also your neighbor. The person you married and live with also falls in the category of the great commandment, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and love your neighbor as yourself.”....

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