Digging into God

Digging into God's word

As a youth pastor, why is digging into God’s word essential? Why is it important to have a relationship with God?

What is a youth pastor? If pastor is called to serve, then he/she is a servant. So, a youth pastor is a pastor is called to serve youth, right? Well, if that is true, and a youth pastor does not have a relationship with God, then who is he really serving? Himself/herself?

I know that as youth pastors, we get busy. I mean BUSY! There is program planning, curriculum building, volunteer recruitment, announcements, events, visits, marketing, social media, trying to be relevant,  and on, and on, and on! Is it possible that we get too busy for God? Think about that for a second. We get too busy to read the words of the One who originally called us to speak for Him! How can you speak for somebody if you don’t know what His word says?

Let me say this. I was born to be a public speaker! I am great at it! That is a God given talent! There are MANY public speakers who are better than me! (Not many are more talented!) I say that to say this: before I truly devoted myself to the subject matters of my speeches, they were still pretty good. That’s because I am great at improvisation and I can adapt very quickly. To my chagrin, God is not always a fan of improv! When I am delivering His word, improv turns His words into my words. That’s not what He called me to do.

In sports, we have all seen, known, heard of, or been the athlete that was physically gifted, but was not the best on the team. The athlete that was the most successful was the one that worked the hardest. The athlete that was the most successful was the one with the most heart! I use this example because I know that we can all relate to it. I also use it because that is what I am talking about here. Heart.

If your heart is to do God’s will and to give God glory, then you ought to spend time with Him and know His heart. It is important to take an honest spiritual assessment of the condition of your heart. Are we like David, son of Jesse, a man after God’s own heart? (Acts 13:22) Are we willing as youth pastors to do everything He wants us to do?

God wants us to have a relationship with Him. He desires us to be after His heart. Jeremiah 3:15 says it this way:

And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.

If a youth pastor doesn’t dig into God’s word, then this is an EPIC FAIL!

So, as a youth pastor you must ask yourself the following question:
Do you have a heart after God’s own heart? In what ways does your heart need to be transformed so as to be more like God’s heart? How can digging into God’s word change that?

Tips for digging into God’s word.

  • Find a quiet time and place to read God’s word.
  • Pray before you start reading
  • Be purposeful in your reading (have a plan of what you’ll read).
  • Create a journal devoted to your time digging in God’s word.
  • Listen to what God is saying through His word.

Truly listening to God through His word can be tough. It takes effort to empty yourself of thoughts and feelings and open your heart to truly hear what is being said. It’s about consciously and actively taking in a message and then responding to that very same message. If we can do that, God can transform our lives.

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Great Advice Jody! It's the

Great Advice Jody! It's the enemy's plan to make us so "busy" that we don't take the time to have quiet time alone with God every day. If we take the time for Him, He will make the time for us to do everything He wants us to accomplish.

Thanks for all you do in your ministry.

May the peaceof Christ that surpasses all understanding be with you today.

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I agree Mary. The enemy just

I agree Mary. The enemy just wants us to be so busy that we never take time to hear from God.

Thanks for your prayers.

Blessings to you.

Jody Speaks Life

Great article... It is easy

Great article... It is easy to get "too busy "

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Miohael, You are so right! It


You are so right! It is so easy to just get busy. I have a very simple expression when I feel like I am busier than I should be. i ask myself, "What are you so busy doing?"

Jody Speaks Life

Very helpful post! It's so

Very helpful post! It's so important to set aside daily quiet time to pray & read the WORD. We can always find time to do other things, but if God is truly in our hearts, we should make time for him.

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Melody, I agree that it is


I agree that it is important to set aside time daily. I attempt to set aside time in the morning so that I never run out of time. I wonder when most people find their quiet time!

Jody Speaks Life

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