Get Refreshed Before a New Ministry Season Begins

Part of the Refresh series.

The end of summer is here. For some, summer is already over! Can you believe it?

My question for you is this: Did you get the break that you needed? Were you able to recharge before the next season of ministry begins?

Let's be honest: There's a lot of pressure right now. Parents want to know what the fall calendar is going to look like. Retreats need to be organized, events scheduled, lesson plans started, and sermons written. There's a lot to do.

If you're in youth ministry, you know that burnout is surprisingly common, and you probably know why (because you've been there yourself!). But it doesn't have to be that way!

We're kicking off the Refresh theme to give youth pastors everywhere an opportunity to recharge before another year begins. There will be encouraging resources, videos, group discussions, and much more. And everything culminates with online training groups starting the week of September 24.

We serve an awesome God! Let's take time together to seek Him as we look forward to the ministry that is ahead of us!

Learn more and follow along at

Nate Dame

Three years ago, Nate started Called to Youth Ministry with a desire to equip and support youth pastors. It started after he noticed a trend of people with a passion for students "go it alone" for too long and otherwise burn out, without a friend or mentor to stand by them. Now the ministry hosts online training and networking groups that leaders can join from anywhere in the world. Youth ministers from California to Florida to the UK have already benefited from the coaching, community and prayer support these groups provide.

Two year ago, Nate also started an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company with a desire to feed his family. Now he enjoys balancing the two and being able to use the business to support his ministry habit.

Nate lives with his beautiful wife, Christa, and rambunctious two-year-old son, Josiah, in Lake Geneva, WI.

You can rollow him @NateDame, on Facebook or on Google.


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