Slow Down to Speed Up

Speed Trap

“I am just in a busy season.”

If you are like me, you have heard that from others in ministry or you have said it yourself in an attempt to thwart someone's pesky question about whether or not you should take on more or whether you should take a small break. What I have determined is that whenever I am answering this way that I probably need to evaluate all that I am doing and figure out what needs to be delegated, marked as done, or dumped on my ‘to do’ list. The truth is, we are always in a ‘busy season’ in ministry. Jesus gave us the task and the mission of making disciples and that never ends. We always have more families to touch, more teenagers to love, more systems to run, and more programs to maintain. The ‘busy season’ in ministry never ends. To answer that ‘this is just a busy season’ may be inaccurate because you are simply in life as you know it and in what God has called you to do.


I think that sometimes we forget about the way that God modeled what it meant to simply step away from the busy season, or just life as usual, to maintain sanity, to recharge, and to reengage with the relationship that we are discipling people toward.

God rested on Day 7 of creation. Regardless of your understanding of creation, God took some time away from the ‘busy season’ of life to be in relationship with his Son, Holy Spirit, and creation that he had created. The Jewish nation took this model and lived it out in community together by demanding a ‘sabbath, a day of rest’ from each person in their community. The danger that the Jewish nation lived was legalism (which clearly happened over time) but the benefits of the Sabbath as they knew it were profound.

  • When I take a Sabbath, I am resting in Christ, my savior and redeemer. I come back to the work of God recharged, reenergized, renewed for another 6 days of ‘the busy season.’
  • When I rest, I am declaring my dependence on God that it isn’t about ME DOING but about God “Being” God in someone’s life and in the process of discipleship. I can’t change anyone spiritually, and the good news is, I don’t have to.
  • Sabbath allows for clear reflection on the mundane tasks that we engage in throughout the week. Maybe it is a time where we can determine what needs to be dumped from our regular routine in an effort to do the things that count.
  • It’s a chance for focused time in relationships that we have with people, which is really what this is all about.

Question: When is your next period of rest? When is your next Sabbath? Do you need to take a day? A week? A month? What would it take to make this happen? Where else in scripture do you see the Sabbath as a normative part of a follower of Jesus life?

About Me, Chris Rollman

Chris Rollman, youth pastor, youth ministry coach & trainerMy name is Chris Rollman. I am married to a wonderful woman, Cassie, and we have two pretty cool kids. Isaiah is a handful but a wonderful handful and Evy is a bundle of joy and alot of fun!

My mission is 1. Lead my family well and 2. Multiply churches that multiply churches to saturate our county with the gospel and reduce the lostness. I am the "Pastor of Church Planting" at West E. Free Church in Wichita, KS.

I grew up in Central Iowa, North of Des Moines in Ankeny, Ia. I realized at a young age that church could be a real dangerous place to be and went through high school going to a solid 'safe' church. But the extreme experiences that I had with church was only mirrored with the extreme experiences that I have and had with God. He seemed distant sometimes and so close other times. I realized that discipleship and following him wasn't about whether it felt good, but whether or not I was consistent and obedient all because I was madly in love with him. I want others to experience this growth in their lives. I want those that don't know Christ to come to know him through the relationships that they have with people that know and follow Jesus!

If you want to contact me, you can email me at or check out my twitter,, or find me on facebook. Looking forward to connecting with you.


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