The French Fry Review: A Game for the French Fry Connoisseur

French fry review game for Jr or Sr high youth ministry

The french fry review is on of my favorite Jr High activities we do. I would highly recomend it to anyone who is looking for a game idea, and they need it on the fly- here it is! All you need a few fast food restaurants, some fun adult leaders, and an hour or so. 

The goal is not to devour french frys, but to savor them, to truly "understand" them. The attached review form reveals the various criterion by which we will be judging the fries, as well as a scoring system. You don't want just a low to high scale, you want more of a "not enough", perfect, and "too much" scale, with the perfect score to be somewhere in the middle rather than just high. 

I think the real key to succes in this event/game is the adults who participate with the teens. They have to help the students savor each bite and then give them a few moments to discuss the various elements of the fry, and then debate with each other ont he best score for the fry.

You can also change the images to reflect the fast food close to you, or maybe you might want to go to fancier restaurants. Whatever you decide to do, you have to coach your adults to really ham it up and have fun with it!

French Fry Review

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