[Video] Creatively Presenting Biblical Truth - Watch David Dorn #YPchurch

David Dorn at Youth Pastor Church

How do you creatively present the Gospel in today's techno-crazy culture? Is YouTube an effective medium for communicating God's truth with students?

David Dorn says yes! After sharpening his YouTube experience as one of the very first YouTube Partners, David has kick-started several exciting video discipleship programs.

Watch David's message from the last Youth Pastor Church below. And don't forget to RSVP for the next #YPchurch LIVE!

Get in touch with David!

Twitter: @daviddorn2, @IamPreposterous
YouTube: The Pursuit Blog, Preposterous Project

And especially PreposterousProject.org!

Below are some notes from David's wild crazy out-of-the-box message and the pratical tips he shared in the video. Enjoy!

Creatively Presenting Biblical Truth

Ask questions. Ask questions about what can be done better, what are the needs of the people you are serving. Ask if people are willing to help. Ask for feedback. I’m relentless about getting feedback and polling. And when you ask questions, be ok with not always getting an answer. Creative people are often ok with not having an answer. I find that the lack of an answer makes me push more to reach the next level of creativity. And when you ask someone for their opinion, be ok with it being completely different from yours. Creativity needs pushback. Welcome it. Don’t take it personally.

Carve out time to allow yourself to be creative. I’m a planner. I plan my spontaneity. Plan times to be creative. One practice that has impacted me is every semester I go get a hotel room for a night in town. $60 and a good meal does wonders for one’s prayer time and creativity. God and I have good planning sessions on those weekends.

Take a sabbath. You’re too busy to not take one. Give yourself rest and you’ll allow yourself to think clearer.

Watch, read, and listen to creative things. It’s ok if its secular. If truth is true where you find it, then take the truth behind their creativity and use it.

I love YouTube. It’s a global community of creative people. Watch guys like Ze Frank. The Vlog Brothers, John and Hank Green who have gone on to launch channels like Sci Show, and Crash Course are amazingly creative people. SoulPancake is the channel that gave us Kid President, but they do so much more asking deep questions about the meaning of life and spirituality. MysteryGuitarman does brilliant musically creative things. Philip DeFranco was a guy who started off making videos off his webcam in his dorm room. Now he runs a production studio, has hundreds of millions of views, employs like 20 people, and makes 6 figures a year, and did all the YouTube political coverage this past year including interviewing the VP. He’s been one of my biggest influences.

I listen to music that inspires. Whether its Josh Garrels, Mumford and Sons, Florence and the Machine, etc. Find what inspires you and dig into it.

Read brilliant stuff. Fiction too. Read The Fault in Our Stars or The Undertaking. Read stuff that inspires you.

Brain storm. A good friend taught me that when you get into the zone, to just jot down as many ideas as you can. Don’t stop to consider the practicality of any of them. Just write. Once you’re done you can sort through what works, what could work down the road, and what was idiotic.

Try. Fail. Try again. It’s ok to fail. Too many of us in ministry are perfectionists, to a fault. We may not try because we don’t want to fail. Failure teaches us more than we know.

Pray. Ask God to help you do what He created you to do.

All of these elements help set a framework for continued creativity. Regularly examine what you are doing, and ask those questions again and again, checking on your effectiveness.

Ideas to Get You Started

Make videos!

First, document everything. Go to a concert? Video it. Do interviews afterwards Go on a retreat? Video it. Do interviews afterwards. Have a special night at youth group? Video it. Do interviews afterwards. You don’t have know know how to work a camera well. Film it on your phone if need be (check your church’s rules about safe-sanctuary, and get parent’s permission in the permission slips to video their kids). It’s simple and easy. Point and shoot. Show this to your congregation, or budget committees. Post this online for students to show their friends.
- Make funny videos. Do an Old Testament series having kids film skits of the Characters. This way it forces them to dig into Scripture and have fun at the same time. Not only will you have the potential to reach a wide audience, but you have the potential of your youth telling others about your youth group.
Make testimony videos. Kids often won’t stand up in front of a room of people to tell their testimony, but they very well may go on video. Have a record of what God is doing in your group. If everyone is ok with it, post it to social media. Good content is good content, and good content make a difference.
Make videos of you. Sit down and record a message to all your kids. If you are going to miss a week, connect with them. I know people who develop whole curriculums for their students through video just for them.

Write Content

You have a unique voice. Use it. Write. Write quickly lest fear catch up with you.

Youth may not read what you write, but the adults in the church will. Do a series coming out of what has been going on in your youth group. Or you can address hard topics through written word so you can choose your words carefully.

Be creative!
You don’t have to have mastery over technology to be creative. Your youth are much more brilliant than most of us when it comes to technology. Unleash their creativity.

Other Ideas
- Instagram competition - select a theme and have them go find and Instagram something that fits that theme
- Have them go and do street interviews as a scavenger hunt.
- Have them tweet questions they have during the youth service.
- Challenge them to vlog their life for a week while studying a certain verse.
- Drive around town knocking on doors asking for canned good for the local food pantry. Get the kids out doing something quick and simple to make a real difference.
- Make a list of needed items for the local women’s shelter, and divide your kids up into a few small groups. Give each $20 and see how many items they can get for that much as a competition. 

Nate Dame

Three years ago, Nate started Called to Youth Ministry with a desire to equip and support youth pastors. It started after he noticed a trend of people with a passion for students "go it alone" for too long and otherwise burn out, without a friend or mentor to stand by them. Now the ministry hosts online training and networking groups that leaders can join from anywhere in the world. Youth ministers from California to Florida to the UK have already benefited from the coaching, community and prayer support these groups provide.

Two year ago, Nate also started an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company with a desire to feed his family. Now he enjoys balancing the two and being able to use the business to support his ministry habit.

Nate lives with his beautiful wife, Christa, and rambunctious two-year-old son, Josiah, in Lake Geneva, WI.

You can rollow him @NateDame, on Facebook or on Google.


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