Enjoy Great Coffee, Support Called to Youth Ministry

Love drinking coffee? Want to support effective youth ministry? Now you can do both!

Each bag of 963 Coffee:

  • Is fresh roasted
  • Is fair trade
  • Is organic
  • Sends a $4 donation to Called to Youth Ministry!
Fair trade means that you make sure the farmers that grew your coffee get a fair wage for their work. Many coffee farmers in 3rd world countries are underpaid and live in poverty. Buying fair trade helps change that.

Please note: Considering the base shipping cost, we suggest ordering two or more bags at a time.

Just follow this link:

After you follow the above link, your order will automatically be credited to Called to Youth Ministry.

Once there, you can click on the "963 Coffee" link in the top left to view the coffee varieties that are available.

963 Coffee


963 Coffee Tips:

  • The shipping cost only goes up about 30 cents per bag, so the more bags you get in one order, the more you save!
  • Take a look at the Montly Obsession option, which delivers fresh coffee to your doorstep and supports Called to Youth Ministry every month. (Regular coffee that doesn't say Monthly Obsession is just one bag per order.)
  • After you follow the above link, our affiliate code will be saved to your 963 Coffee account, so all of your future purchases will also support the ministry.

Fresh roasted means these beans haven't been getting stale sitting on the shelf for months. They're roasted right after you place your order and sent to you fresh.

Drink great coffee and support Called to Youth Ministry! Follow the link above to get started.

buy fair trade coffee, support effective youth ministry