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Fuzzy the Lines to Bridge the Jr/Sr High Gap

If you have been in ministry for any amount of time, I am sure you have heard statistics showing how many of our teens are losing their faith after they graduate High School. They seem to fall between the gaps of our programs. Today, I want to talk about another gap where we are losing our young people and what we can do to close this gap; leading to better retention and maturity of our young people.

Youth Even Alert: Power of One near Appleton / Green Bay, WI

Life Promotions is hosting a youth event this weekend just outside of Appleton, WI. On Friday night there is an evening concert event, followed by a day conference on Saturday.

[VIDEO] Youth Pastors React to their Online Training Experience (Priorities: Prayer)

What does a West Coast surfer, a Southern Guy and a Brit have in common? At first glance? Not much. But listen to this amazing group share about their meaningful experiences and how God used this "viritual" group in their lives and ministry.

Pornography - Addictive, Powerful, Overwhelming

But our God is greater. I sat across the table from a student that had been part of our youth ministry for years and comes from a great family. He poured out his heart and his life to me in a way that was refreshingly authentic. He cared deeply that I knew all of his hurts, pains, struggles, and sin. I listened, and listened some more as he described the addiction that he dealt with. The words he used sounded like something I had read out of Paul's writing. He kept saying things like, "I Just don't want to look at pornography anymore. But I keep doing it.

Want to Network with the Newsboys?

The Newsboys are being intentional about evangelism on their "God's Not Dead" tour for 2012. They have asked gifted evangelist and my boss, Bob Lenz, to partner with them by giving a clear Gospel message at each city they vist. In order to keep this from being a tour that simply passes through an area entertaining folks, I will be working with friend and colleague Kris Wood to network in each city on the tour.

Outcomes Based Youth Ministry

In the past few years, there has been a lot of buzz in the youth ministry world about outcomes based ministry. Much of this talk has resulted from the Exemplary Youth Ministry Study conducted in 2003. Conversations. Workshops. Books. Lists. The results of that study EYM have produced more literature and ideas than could possibly be broken down in a few short blog posts (let alone one).

The Difference Between Parenting and Making Disciples

The idea of parenting has created a multi-zillion dollar industry. A Google search reveals that the term “parenting” was first used in 1959. Since then scores of books have been written about techniques and approaches to successfully navigate the choppy waters of raising children. From Dr. Spock to Dr. Phil, these “experts” share their personal approaches to parenting.

A Picture of Parents Making Disciples like Jesus Did

Discipleship is not something that should wait or is limited to a few hours per week. It’s not something you should leave to others or even the church. It’s a lifestyle as we’ve said. It’s what God has called you to do with your children, from the moment He gives them to you. And, the good news is that if He’s called you to it, He’s equipped your for it. 

Ten Ways to Make Disciples of Straying Children and Grandchildren

Many parents and grandparents have children who have strayed from following the Lord. There are different reasons why adult children choose to leave the church. One common reason is that no one ever trained the child’s parents to make disciples of their children.

Distractions: Believing Lies from the Accuser...

The Accuser wants you to focus on yourself and the hurt you are experiencing, not on reaching your lost friends and family. He wants you to be consumed in your shame and insecurity, not God’s love and power. If you continue to believe the lies from the enemy, you will be paralyzed to reach your friends for Jesus. Satan will pull you away from living THE Cause by feeding you with lies all day long. But how do I get away from these thoughts? Is there any hope?

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