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When Teens Are Called To Save Their Friends

Evangelism in a Student ministry can have many is really a win/win situation.

No Excuses: Will You Act or Wait in Fear?

Like Gideon, fear sometimes makes us wait for more confirmation instead of taking action. Visible signs are unnecessary if they only confirm what we already know to be true. Do you know what God wants you to do? If so, are you acting or waiting?

Inspiring Others to Follow

A few months ago Michael and I went to New York on vacation. While we did some shopping and took in a Broadway show while we were there, our main reason for going to New York was (and always is) our beloved Yankees.

Rebel for THE Cause

“I’m in rebellion with Jesus against anything and everything this world tries to throw at me. I will not allow the world to dictate how I look, dress, or eat. I’m an original masterpiece created by my Heavenly Daddy. And it’s time to change the rules.”

How Do You Build a Youth Group

A youth group of 1000.....

So you have this vision of being the next Dr. Barnado and seeing hundreds of young people come to Christ. How do you start? Where do you begin? Apart from the obvious answer which is just begin.... I'll try to suggest a new approach.

A Good Story

I read quite a bit, makes me look smart. In all seriousness I do love to read, I sometimes pick up three books at a time, I know that doesn't make sense because rarely do we watch 3 movies at a time, but books are a little different.

I read because I'm drawn to a good story; however, the older I get the more I find that I'm drawn to real life stories.

Risking Friends for Jesus

The following article was written by Katelyn, a student living and sharing her faith in her mid-west school.

I know a lot of teenagers, including myself, really do not like putting our relationships with friends, family members, boyfriends/girlfriends at risk. According to a teen, relationships seem to be what means most to them.

I love my relationships, but I love my friends and all those other people too much to let them go to hell without being prayed for and hearing about Jesus.

Jelly Belly's & Religion: Both Offer Many Flavors

When picking out Jelly Bellies or a religion some tend to lean toward their favorite flavors. When it comes to eternal life there is only one clear choice…faith in Jesus Christ alone. So what flavor are you peddling religion or a relationship?

Now……what did I do with that bag of jelly beans?

Be Yourself... Live Unashamed!

I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile. – Romans 1:16

Sometimes we get to fearful of what people think about us. What they stop saying as you walk into the room, or what they say when you go out. Sometimes the reason we don’t talk about God to others is because we’re scared they will judge us. Scared they will look at us differently for believing in a God that created us.

It’s funny how everyone somehow contradicts themselves at some point.

Furnace-Fueled Evangelism

I was giving advice on buying a piece of property the other day to a fellow Chi Alpha campus pastor. I used to sell real estate for a living and knew the answers to many questions she had.

It got me thinking about the last blog entry I wrote about effective techniques for “marketing” your church or ministry (something even I struggle with as I itinerate to raise money to get me to the mission field.)

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