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A few months ago Michael and I went to New York on vacation. While we did some s

A few months ago Michael and I went to New York on vacation. While we did some shopping and took in a Broadway show while we were there, our main reason for going to New York was (and always is) our beloved Yankees.

While we live in Southern California, and have a plethora of our own teams to choose from, Michael was born in New York and was christened with his first Yankees hat only moments after he was born. His grandfather (a first generation American) is a Yankees fan. His father is a Yankees fan. So, naturally, he is a Yankees fan. Lucky for him I grew up following baseball and I love the game so promising to love, honor and cherish the New York Yankees for the rest of my life was an easy decision.

You may laugh at that veiled reference to loving the Yankees being part of my wedding vows. While it really wasn’t, my something blue was a custom made New York Yankees garter I wore under my dress.

Needless to say we aren’t fair-weather fans. Or posers. We own more New York Yankees merchandise than most New Yorkers. Seriously.

So when we head to Yankee Stadium we are the real deal. We’re wearing jerseys and hats. We could even bust out shoes, socks and other items if you really wanted us to. Technically, we could even bring our own Yankees chairs.  

On our trip we took in a few games, toured the stadium and drove a few hours north to check out the Baseball Hall of Fame.

To make it even better, one of the games we saw was against the Boston Red Sox (the Yankees’ number one rival). There was some major energy around the city that day.

After we decked ourselves out in our Yankees gear we headed down to catch the subway to the stadium. We looked like authentic New Yorkers. So much so that a Brazilian man on a business trip stopped us and asked if he could tag along with us.

“I am trying to get to Yankee Stadium,” he said in broken English. “I am hoping to follow you. Yes?”

Not only did we tell him he could follow us, we assured him we would help him get a ticket to the game and we’d catch him up on the greatest team in baseball history while we rode the subway to the stadium.

Before we knew it we had him saying “Jeter” and “A-Rod” and “Babe Ruth.” When we got off the subway he asked us to hold on for a moment while he ran up to a street vendor. He emerged moments later wearing a Jeter t-shirt and a Yankees hat. At the box office we helped him purchase a good seat and then we parted ways.

When we left him he was a Yankees fan too.

It wasn’t until I had been home for a few weeks that I began thinking about how astounding it was that a stranger had approached us and said, “You’re Yankees fans? I’d like to follow you.”

Is my Christianity as visible as my love for the Yankees? Could someone who was searching for truth see enough of Jesus in me that he would dare to approach me and say, “You’re a Christian? I think I’ll follow you”?

And if she did, would I be as quick and able to fill her in on the details of my faith as I was when it came to teaching someone the basics about the Yankees?

I hope so. Really, I do. How about you?

About Shannon Primicerio

An author of ten books, Shannon Primicerio teaches teenage girls how to apply the Bible to the drama of real life and read it like it's God's love letter to them. By helping girls establish intimacy with Christ, she puts them on a path that will ensure they will still be walking with Him long after high school and college.

Her books and conferences provide:

  • Guidance and structure on how to have a daily quiet time
  • Strategies for battling peer pressure in areas like dating, purity and friendship
  • Insight on how to see yourself as the beautiful treasure you are
  • Direction on how to find your purpose and live your passion for the glory of God

You can learn more about her at


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