The French Fry Review: A Game for the French Fry Connoisseur

The french fry review is on of my favorite Jr High activities we do. I would highly recomend it to anyone who is looking for a game idea, and they need it on the fly- here it is! All you need a few fast food restaurants, some fun adult leaders, and an hour or so. 

Ultimate Hunger Games Youth Group Game (w/ cornucopia video)

We capped off our Hunger Games seires with a lock in. And what's better than a lock in? A lock in where you get to PLAY in the first-ever real-life youth group Hunger Games!

Blind Burrrito Launcher

There are several applications you can use to tie this into a lesson or just use it for a way to have fun and make a lasting memory with students.

Game for the Pool: Dibble Dabble

This is a fun, low prep game that will keep the students busy for hours (with or without you).

Try This: Ice Blocking

Ice blocking is done by:
1. Buying blocks of ice from the local grocery store
2. Placing a folded towel on the ice
3. Sliding down a grass-covered hill while sitting or laying on the ice and holding on for dear life to the towel

Transformational Youth Ministry

"Youth ministry doesn't have to spend a fortune or put on a rock concert to be effective in reaching junior high and high schoolers for Christ. Personal relationships, adult mentors, honest conversation, and opportunities to help others create an atmosphere where students feel they belong, and eventually are able to believe."

Best Youth Group Activity EVER

I’ve been spending time lately meeting with a youth pastor that works not to far from where I live. We’ve been talking about purpose and aligning all the “stuff” of youth ministry around a guiding purpose.

Last week she told me about a youth group activity she came up with to help reinforce the lesson from their Bible study. It was a simple idea, but I thought it was the best activity ever!

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