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Things have changed a lot in our youth group in the past few months. Lots of things have changed. We used to have a study on Sunday mornings that would be taught by one of our leaders, and a study on Wednesday nights taught by me. This worked out great for a while, but there came a point where we decided to change how things operate. Our Wednesday night group split into two different groups, so that we could have more interaction with the students, allowing more of them to be heard. This also gives the other leaders in the group a chance to divide the students and get to know them better.

As awesome as this new change is, it brings about unique issues. The most important being a complete change in leadership. When I was working closely with the aforementioned other leader, we kept in touch with direction, vision, administration and all other aspects of our ministry. Now that we are in two separate groups, we don't have each other to lean on. We both have a team of leaders around us now. We have to work with these other leaders to grow our small groups.

I have let those leaders down. I am doing my own thing, running the “Chris Snyder Show” every Wednesday night, and I need to stop doing that. It is imperative that I stop doing that. I don't mean that I'm taking the focus off God and making it about me. What I mean is that I'm trying to do the whole thing on my own. It is not my show. We, as leaders are in this together. I need to show them that I believe in them, and that we are a team.

So, now I am determined to get the other leaders involved in the decisions, the lessons, the planning and all other aspects of managing this group. I have already talked to them about this, and we are moving forward. I am writing this to remind all of you out there who may be reading this; you are not an island. Utilize your team members. Build into them and help them grow. Allow them to challenge you so you can grow, too. If your team is strong, the group will grow strong. If your team is weak, the group will be weak.

Have a great week, and God bless! 

Chris Snyder

I have been working with youth and young adults for about 5 years now. My passion is helping young people connect with Jesus and live a life devoted to Him.  I work for a school district in their IT department for a living.  I have a BA in Leadership and Ministry from Ohio Christian University, and I look forward to getting into full-time ministry.  For now, I'm good where I am, though.  You can follow me on twitter ( or wordpress (


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Great thoughts Chris. One of

Great thoughts Chris. One of the things that I was struck with at the recent Simply Youth conference was that relationships between me and adult youth workers must be broader then just working with one another on a Sunday or Wednesday night. My wife and I are going to make a concerted effort to have leaders over and begin to build some community and congruency within our youth ministry. Good thoughts. Thanks for sharing.


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You're welcome! I think it's

You're welcome! I think it's easy to just push through and expect everyone to be on board with you. I believe that building community with other leaders is important. I'm glad you are going to build into your team. Thanks for the response!


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