Training Topics

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The training was designed to equip youth pastors in two very practical areas of youth ministry: How to create and use a strategic plan, and how to build an egaged, committed adult leadership team.

Scripture and the life of Christ are used throughout to build upon Biblical, Jesus-centered leadership principles and deepend your walk with the Lord. 

Do More with Less

Create a Strategic Plan for your Youth Ministry

It's just too easy to get overwhelmed with programs, events, Bible studies, meetings... and the list goes on. The busyness of ministry can easily get overwhelming. This training will help you carefully and prayerfully sort through all the activities to focus on those that make the greatest impact.

You will walk away with a simple, flexible, comprehensive plan for your youth ministry. We will help you prayerfully put it together to make the greatest impact you can while uniquely molding it to your church and community. By focusing on what works best, you can do more with less, making a greater impact on students while saving time and reducing stress.

Build the Team

Engage Committed Adult Volunteers

Other adults, parents, young adults, and students leaders all play an important role in building a youth ministry that reaches young people and changes lives. You simply can't do it alone! But how do you help them plug in and take ownership in the youth ministry? How do you get volunteers to even help out a second time?

This course will show you how to engage potential leaders from the very beginning so that you can build a leadership team that doesn't just "show up," but is actively engaged in discipling students and seeing the youth ministry grow.


In your Walk with the Lord and your Knowledge of Scripture

Our leadership is based on the life we live and who we truly are. As we strive to lead students in an authentic pursuit of Christ, our own walk with Christ must be vibrant and growing. As we work on growing our youth ministries during this training course, we will also examine our own walk as we seek Christ together and dive into scripture.


Learn and Grow with a Small Group of Other Youth Pastors

We all learn better by working through things together. That's why this training course is built around a small group model that allows you to learn with a group of other youth pastors. You will ask questions, share ideas, pray, and challenge each other as you grow together.

Great things can happen as you build these relationships and learn from other leaders' perspectives. You will build these relationships from the comfort of your own home as you connect through discussion boards, online video chats, and crazy new technology like Facebook and text messages.

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