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Fuzzy the Lines to Bridge the Jr/Sr High Gap

If you have been in ministry for any amount of time, I am sure you have heard statistics showing how many of our teens are losing their faith after they graduate High School. They seem to fall between the gaps of our programs. Today, I want to talk about another gap where we are losing our young people and what we can do to close this gap; leading to better retention and maturity of our young people.

Have You Created a Wolf-Free Environment for Your Children?

Jesus was constantly with His disciples and they were grown men. “I will fear no evil for You are with me.” Like Jesus, be a protector of your sheep. Eliminate the wolves. Protect them with your physical presence.

Book Review: Disciple Like Jesus For Parents

The authors use Christ’s model of personal evangelism and discipleship amongst the peoples and His disciples and convey that model to the parent-child discipleship process. What greater teacher can one have in training up their children than Christ Himself?  

What Parents Shouldn't Listen To

The Bible is the BEST parenting resource for advice on how to raise your kids.  Keep reading for what NOT to listen to and why.    

5 Ways To Avoid Self-Inflicted Conflict With Parents

If you are a breathing human being you will face conflict eventaully. If you work with teenagers your chances of facing conflict go up exponentially.

Taking The Pain Out Of Meeting With Parents

I could have used a lot of pictures for this blog that would have best represented how we feel about parents meetings. Here is another photo that I would deem appropriate.

Knowing What To Own When Communicating With Parents

I’m bringing in 5 new students into my small group in the Fall. We’ve been spending a lot of time together this summer getting to know each other. One of the issues that’s come up is the city curfew which is 11:00 for drivers who have had their driver license for less than a year. Some of the boys are in that category and have not been making it home on time. The other night one was stopped by the police and let off with a warning.

Partnering with Parents

I have been meeting with parents of our teenagers in our youth ministry for "Adult Sunday School Class" this summer.

Here are a few of the things that this class has discussed. If you are a youth leader or youth pastor, I encourage you to find a place to get with the parents in your ministry and really get down to the issues of partnership.

Youth Pastors Aren’t Replacement Parents

Why are youth pastors blamed for every bad thing any young person ever does in church?

We might find that some of our time is best spent helping parents be better spiritual leaders in their own homes. 

Youth Ministry is Scary

Think about it. You are the only one in the entire church that “does youth ministry.”  There’s nobody to compare yourself to. There’s no “standard” to say you’re doing a good job, great job, or terrible job.

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