Foundations of Truth

"As servants looking to equip the saints (aka our students) for the work of the ministry, connecting them to an understanding of God is paramount."

Most youth pastors have a long list of responsibilities not related to youth ministry. From fixing computers to creating websites, vacuuming to cleaning toilets, the list goes on and on.

But no matter how busy we get, we will always find time for what is most important: Helping students understand the truths of God and grow in their relationship with Him.

Our students must be deeply rooted in the truths of Christ.

Students today aren't content just learning the lyrics to the latest Hillsong United worship song. They live in a world where Christianity is openly mocked and the idea of absolute truth is frequently questioned. They are asking difficult questions, and we need to be prepared with the answers.

Are you prepared? Are you equipped to strengthen them in the truths of God's Word?

Foundations of Truth is an eight week online leadership training series that will prepare you to help your students grasp the fundamental truths of God, so that they can stand firm in that truth no matter what comes against it.

Order this training today for only $17.95. You will have access to the training immediately.

Listen to the heart behind this training from Pastor Bob Smith, creator of Foundations of Truth:

As servants looking to equip the saints (aka our students) for the work of the ministry, connecting them to an understanding of God is paramount. Yet today’s culture offers passion and experiences which can lead to a “zeal without knowledge.” Christ told Pilate that He came to “bear witness to the truth” to which Pilate responded, “What is truth?”

It could be argued that we live in the age of Pilate today, even in the church.

The study of God is what is rightly called theology. It is through this knowledge that we are transformed by a renewing of our minds. This truth concerning God’s nature and character, mankind’s sin, and the means of our redemption is the foundation upon which we are called to build.

This gaining of knowledge is marginalized by some voices in our churches today. Certainly there is a knowledge which puffs up, but there is also a knowing of the truth which will make us free. Theology is about knowing this truth.  

For His Glory,

Pastor Bob Smith
Garden Valley Bible Church
Garden Valley, Texas

Topics include:

  • The Importance of Theology and Doctrine
  • Sola Scriptura: Deciding what is Good and Right and True
  • Solo Christos: The Sufficiency of Christ's Righteousness for Our Salvation
  • Sola Fide: Understanding the Misunderstandings Concerning Faith and Our Salvation
  • Sola Gratia: Answering the Question "Why did God Save Me?"
  • Soli Deo Gloria: God's Plan for You
  • Justification: Dealing with the Penalty of our Sin
  • Sanctification: Dealing with our Temptation of Sin

Each of the eight sessions includes a training video and a discussion forum where you can interact with other youth pastors on these important topics. You can go through the material at your own pace--we suggest doing at least one session each week.

You can even watch each session with your leadership team and go through the discussion questions together!

Excerpt from session 6:

"When we understand all that we needed in order to be made right with God has been given to us, and what God has done on our behalf, and the assurance of His love that we have, life becomes a cause to give Him glory and devotion alone. Life is not about trying to get saved or stay saved or gaining more blessings.

"Instead, we can rest in the confidence that God’s favor is towards us based on the righteousness of Christ...alone. All that is left is to bring Him glory out of gratitude for what He has done. How would a person’s day look different if they weren’t striving to gain something from God, but instead to simply bring Him glory?"

You can prepare yourself to teach your students the fundamental truths of God and His Word with the Foundations of Truth video training series. Our prayer is that this training is a blessing to you as a leader, and to your students through what you learn.

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