Loss For Words

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This past Sunday (1.9.11) was our first Sunday back at GPS after a two week break for the holidays.

As as Student Pastor, I am fully aware of how important it is to kick off the new year with huge momentum by putting your best efforts out there to keep the flywheel moving.

That was my plan until the Wednesday before, I lost my voice. Like, lost it so bad that all I could muster was a whisper.

No bueno.

This was bad on about 32 different levels.

Jesus Is My Superhero

I was thinking about superheroes the other day, probably because I just got done indulging my inner nerd.

Let’s make it a habit of helping others, of being the light on the hilltop that those in need of rescuing look to.

Being a hero is not something you do only when the cape and cowl is on.

Lesson Helper: Bringing Sin and Praise Together

Tonight I finished a series with my small group students. My goal has been to make their faith a central part of their home lives, even if their parents weren’t doing it themselves.

The method of choice for of our final lesson was to put their sin side-by-side with their praise so they could see the need for God in every part of their lives.

They cannot hope to make Christ central in their home life if they don’t allow Him into every aspect of their lives.

Video: A Non Christian's View of Christians

Last night I invited my friend Alex who is an Atheist to the high school Bible study I teach. We videotaped the event to show other youth workers what we’re up to.

I believe this illustrates a missing link to our outreach programs. If we can talk to non-Christians, we’ll have a better idea how to reach them.

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