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Tribe TV with Dr. Andrew (Andy) Root: Relational Youth Ministry

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Today's hangout with Dr. Andrew Root was outstanding. He addressed the issue of relational student ministry and bringing theology into youth ministry; we were all encouraged. Watching this video will inspire you to grow in the HOW of your ministry to teens. It will encourage you to grow in relationship and to use the "programing" as an excuse for deeper relationships. Dr. Root explains that the best theology "just happens" and that TESTIMONY is the most powerful and impacting teacher of theology. How do you build relationships? How do you teach theology?

"Doing Church" and "Being Church" and Teenagers

Is there a "right way" to do church? Can we really know what that way is? What does scripture teach?

Back to Basics

There seems to be a big push lately to decentralize the local church. The modern technology landscape opens the world to itself. There are a myriad of resources for leaders and open forums to discuss strategies and methods. 

We have opened up our local church to online sermon notes, and even forgoing a local teaching pastor altogether. Some churches offer a streamed message from a speaker who nobody in the congregation will ever meet.

I believe the person leading the group should teach the group, whether that be a small Bible study, young adult ministry, youth ministry or even big church.

Listening to Your Critics

If you've never heard of Seth Godin, then he's worth checking out.  He's not saved (as far as I know), but he's still a smart and insightful guy and a great reader of our culture!  In one of his posts he says:

If you invent or launch or market (and you're human) it's likely that you have the voice of the critic in the back of your head. It's natural to fear what they'll say, and if you're not careful, you'll end up redesigning your product to please them before you even launch it. 

Afraid To Do Church At Church

More and more I'm hearing people discuss this idea that you can't do effective ministry at your church building. People are afraid that teens (or adults) won't feel comfortable enough to be real and be able to connect with God as we want them to. But is this a valid fear?

The Danger Of Leadership Privileges

There was a time in my youth when I was so naïve and full of innocence that I couldn’t imagine a Christian in leadership blowing it big time. Sure I believed we were all sinners saved by grace but I assumed that learning from mistakes always resulted in growth and holiness, especially someone in Christian leadership.  This may be true but in reality as we rise in leadership the privileges and temptations increase.

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