What Parents Shouldn't Listen To

The Bible is the BEST parenting resource for advice on how to raise your kids.  Keep reading for what NOT to listen to and why.    

BIG CHURCH is for Little People Too

It was a great Sunday.  We had to wake our kids up early because my wife was singing in the choir today. 

The kids were crabby, and I wasn’t much happier.  Never the less we got them to church and attended first service, because I had meetings during the other two.  My four year old and my eleven year old were in church with us.

Family in Youth Ministry

Just six months into my new church, I sat down for breakfast with Logan, a junior in the youth group.

Oh No! My Son Is A Sex Symbol

I was glad that my wife and I had three boys. I always joked that I would be the dad that carried a pair of pliers in my back pocket to take care of any boys who showed even the slightest amorous hint toward a daughter of mine; or looked at her with any kind of sexual over (or under) tone.

Scratch that thought, I have unfortunately bred a fourteen year old, six-foot-three-inch, chic magnet. The ooh’s and ah’s from women when he was a lanky little seven year old red haired cutie should have been some indicator of the problems to come.

Mind you, this isn’t my opinion, that my son’s photos are the object of multiple dozens of different girls whose comments range from the casual “You’re so cuuuuute,” to the brazen sexual proposition of loosely-moraled young girls, are obvious indicators. Oh, and he’s a musician, a guitar player, no less.

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