Protecting Children

The Difference Between Parenting and Making Disciples

The idea of parenting has created a multi-zillion dollar industry. A Google search reveals that the term “parenting” was first used in 1959. Since then scores of books have been written about techniques and approaches to successfully navigate the choppy waters of raising children. From Dr. Spock to Dr. Phil, these “experts” share their personal approaches to parenting.

Four Opportunity Phases of Family Discipleship

No matter how old your children may be, seize the opportunities that the Lord provides to make disciples of them! The good news is that the command to make disciples is for our entire lives, and Deuteronomy 6 was given to parents and grandparents. Begin now.

Why Moms Are So Important to the Church

I don’t think that Christians really grasp the immense value of moms to the church and to society at large. More than anyone else in our lifetime, during the first few weeks of our life, moms do for us what Jesus did for His disciples. Our lives are profoundly impacted by this Christ-like care that we receive. For most of us, these weeks or months or years were a special time in our lives when we experienced something very akin to the way Jesus made disciples. God designed disciple-making into every mother’s DNA.

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