The State of the [TEEN] Union

The State of the Union is the annual speech given by the president who claims everything is going to be okay. We're making strides here, we're making strides there. This is a VERY brief synopsis of the state of our teen culture and the dire need for pastors, youth pastors, youth leaders, and parents to do some things differently in order to see the kind of change that is healthy, holy, and righteous. This is an article written to inspire lives that affect the culture around us, not simply "put up with it." 

Breaking Down The "Why?" Question In Our Youth Ministries

Why don’t we start with asking why before we create another ineffective program? I used to think that if I told kids what we did (events, fun, concerts, etc.) and how we did it ( with energy, lots of give aways, food, big crowds) they would be sold, come to the event, and then stick around for a while. Had I stuck to that premise only, I would have left youth ministry a long time ago. The what and the how no longer excite me, but the why is still what has kept me going.

Risk Taking Youth Ministry Part 1

Our gigantic youth ministry experiment commences tomorrow night. Can’t wait to see what happens!

A Few Of My Favorite Things- 20 Plus Ideas For Volunteer Gifts

I wanted to show some love to the people, place, and things that have helped me or my youth ministry out this past year.

Identity & Evangelism

“Who am I?”  This is the question virtually every teen asks themselves.

Identity is important in more ways than most could imagine. It isn’t just about a sense of self worth, it is much more. 

When it comes to identity, it can be one of the biggest obstacles a person faces in sharing their faith, it can also be their sources of strength.

BIG CHURCH is for Little People Too

It was a great Sunday.  We had to wake our kids up early because my wife was singing in the choir today. 

The kids were crabby, and I wasn’t much happier.  Never the less we got them to church and attended first service, because I had meetings during the other two.  My four year old and my eleven year old were in church with us.

Turning Points: Creating Meaningful Moments with Teens

I once had the opportunity to work with a youth group that had a solid team of committed adult leaders, but they were very worried about the youth because nobody would pay attention during the message.

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