Theology of Youth Ministry

We Are To Love God's Word. Do We Have To Like It?

A person who loves God’s word literally cannot function without it. But does that mean I have to like it?

The Power of Prayer

Everyone says it.  Sometimes I get weary of hearing it.  Prayer is that one thing we should all do a lot of and most of us, maybe all of us, don’t do enough.  There have probably been millions of blogs and articles written about prayer, so why write another one?  Because I think, I hope, this story will cause you to begin to believe in prayer to the point where you will pray.

BIG CHURCH is for Little People Too

It was a great Sunday.  We had to wake our kids up early because my wife was singing in the choir today. 

The kids were crabby, and I wasn’t much happier.  Never the less we got them to church and attended first service, because I had meetings during the other two.  My four year old and my eleven year old were in church with us.

Responding to Evil & School Shootings

Recently at Deer Creek middle school here in Littleton, CO another school shooting took place. We have several students in our ministry who attend that school including the daughter of our Junior High director.

What should we do now? How do we deal with this? The truth is, I don’t really know.

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