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Free TEXTING Resource for Youth Ministry

If you're like me, you are always on the lookout for some cool new gadget you can use in your youth ministry that will open the lines of communication between you, your staff, the youth group, and maybe even parents. We found a really cool, and really free texting resource...

Bible Lock Screens for iPhone & iPad

Put some Scripture on your Lock Screen!

Bible Lock Screens are free custom lock screen backgrounds made for the iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. These backgrounds are great for putting the Bible into your daily life. They put Scripture in your mind, every time you look at your iPhone.

The Case for Connected Student Ministry

Technology is everywhere. No matter how much you fight it, it’s here. Students are slammed with information overload every day. Thousands of media messages every day. They are using laptops and iPods as part of their school learning experiences. Students are being conditioned to receive information in smaller bites at faster speeds than ever before (see the success of twitter and facebook if you question this).

Texting God

Do you text God? I do. I send him little 140-character-sized prayers throughout my day as things come up. Usually something like the following:

WWJT: What Would Jesus Tweet (!?!)

In my ever-continuing conversation with folks out there about the uses of social media, from Facebook to blogging to Twitter, I’ve encountered another bit of fodder for the conversation.

It came via a Twitter re-tweet that I read entitled “7 Reasons Christians Should Twitter.”

Before I make any comments on this let me say that, in all fairness to the author – whom I have never met – I can see a clear desire for ministry and creativity at work in life. 

Seven Questions I'd Like My Pastor To Ask Me

I was just thinking about this and there are questions I would like my Pastor’s to ask me. Maybe you want your Pastor to ask you too.

If I am missing some please feel free to add yours.

10 iPhone Apps Youth Workers Might Find Useful

Just thought I’d share a few of my apps that get me by when I am in a pinch. Am I missing an important app that would be beneficial for youth workers? Let me know.

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