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Youth Culture

Run with It! - Halloween Perspectives Part 2

The biggest landmine for a youth worker to traverse may not be Halloween, but it certainly can be one of the biggest and most dangerous. There can be so many different opinions (strong ones at that) on the holiday and its celebration that often times youth workers simply close their eyes, move forward with some kind of plan and hope for the best...

Don't Do It! - Halloween Perspectives Part 1

Halloween is potentially a divisive issue for Christians. As parents we needed to look at the issue carefully when our children were young, before they were asking to be involved in things. We needed to agree on our approach and so we decided to look into it. There isn’t much said about Halloween in the Bible but it does have a lot to say on other issues that are related...

New Christian Pop Artist SANTINA launches "The Mannequin Movement"

Music is always changing. It is like a shifting shadow, just like so many things in our world. But the message of Jesus Christ and the good news of the Gospel is always the same. He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Hallelujah! The content of my music does not ever have to change while beats and rhythms transform as the years go by.

Six Pressures of Preaching In Youth Ministry

OUCH!  The pressure is slowly killing me... ; )  Keep reading here for six thoughts on how to go about relieving the pressure of preaching in youth ministry.

Avoid Distractions on Campus by Getting a Vision for It

Distracted? Well get back into the game and continue to make disciples by sharing your faith with your friends to see the spiritual climate change on your campus. Be that thermostat that sets the temperature rather than being a thermometer that is affected by the temperature of the culture at school.

Suicide Awareness: The Difference Between "Spiders" and "Fish"

May is Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States. I was thinking about this last night as I was giving my three year old a bath. Ok, I should probably disclose right up front that I have ADHD...

Teen Pot Use…They Just Don’t Get It

With the increasing amount of teenagers using pot and alcohol we thought it would be helpful to post a couple news articles about the subject. Many teens using pot today don’t see the harm in using it or see it as something that should be illegal.

More Stuff

Do we really need more stuff in youth ministry?  Maybe we need better relationships.

The Good Vampire Debate

Last night I had a neat opportunity to tour a movie theater and walk through the projectionist’s booth.

In the course of that I saw some posters for the new Twilight movie coming out. I talked with some theater workers about their thoughts on the New Moon movie...

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