Youth Ministry Models

What model of ministry do you use?  What is the difference between a philosophy of ministry and a model?  Take a look at this video to begin thinking through this concept for your ministry.

John Byrne's Bio

John Byrne has been involved in youth ministry for more then 15 years. His ability to engage, challenge, and speak relevantly to his audience has led to speaking opportunities nationwide including camps, seminars, conferences, and training events. He has also written for Group Magazine, Youthworker Journal, and contributed to Youth Ministry Lemonade: turning “sour” experiences into leadership success. To see more of his writing check out the YM Theology blog.

John knew he wanted to be a youth pastor at the early age of 13. While attending Oak Hills Bible College he met the woman of his dreams and convinced her to marry him. After a two year honeymoon in the great state of Colorado he returned to his home state of Minnesota to finish his Biblical Studies degree from Northwestern Bible College.

John’s passion is living out the great mission (commission) in his life and helping others do the same. He does this through writing and speaking as well as missional living in his own neighborhood and community.

John is currently the Student Ministries Pastor at The Rock of Southwest, a church in Littleton, Colorado. He lives in Littleton with his wife Christa, daughter Catrina 11, and son Joash 4.


Great Info. The structure we

Great Info. The structure we use is JFYM (Jesus Focused Youth Ministry), a strategy developed over the past 30+ years by Dr. Barry St. Claire. If we look at the ministry as a body that I use...the JFYM stuff is the skeleton...everything else added to and attached to that. It is easy and has saved me from burnout years ago.

Thanks for the add on twitter...I will be catching up on your site. Love dialoge with others that are in it for the long haul! Blessings in 2010
Dustin Sams

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